Allergy-Free Holidays

Finally: sleep better and breathe freely

Creating an allergy-free living environment for a carefree holiday in South Tyrol is part of our ecological master plan. Sensitive guests can take advantage of the high-quality selection of uncontaminated natural materials. Sustainable building materials, such as native larch and Swiss stone pine wood with their antibacterial properties, have a verifiable positive effect on the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Our high hygiene standards include the regular cleaning of all materials, mattresses, and surfaces. As a result, household dust and pollen can hardly accumulate. You should already feel comfortable when you first enter your holiday apartment; smoking is therefore prohibited in all rooms. Pets are not allowed at Enzianhof. Exposure to animal hair is therefore totally eliminated.

No pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides are used to care for the meadows and gardens. An astonishing variety of alpine flowers, wild herbs, and animals feel at home on the entire farm grounds. Every living being is precious and deserves its place – this is a central component of our philosophy. In the fresh mountain air of the Ahrntal, strained airways can recover. Through the convenient location away from harmful environmental influences, your vitality is strengthened and an increased sense of well-being returns.

Our health tip: Speleotherapy at the Prettau copper mine

Speaking of mountain air – a special benefit for your health is hiding deep in the mountains. In Prettau, at the decommissioned copper mine 1,100 m deep, a so-called “climate tunnel” can be found. It is used for speleotherapy (cave therapy), where you can breathe tunnel air free from all allergens and suspended particles and do something good for yourself. This alternative form of therapy is particularly suitable for people with respiratory symptoms and allergies.

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