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Sights in the Ahrntal Valley

Old castles, enchanted places, exciting exhibitions – here, you will find the highlights of our holiday region at a glance:

Holy Spirit Church

At the head of the Ahrntal, there is a gem from the 15th thcentury. The Holy Spirit Church – originally a place of worship for the workers at the Prettau copper mine – has long been a pilgrimage site with an almost mystical aura. From Kasern, a Way of the Cross with 15 wooden columns leads to the striking church building, which is linked to an old legend: In front of the church stands a cross whose Christ figure has bullet holes in it. It is said that a shooter once practiced here sacrilegiously for a shooting competition. He also won a bull as a bonus – and was killed by it on the way home.

Nativity Scene Museum

The Nativity Scene Museum in Luttach, which arose from South Tyrolean piety, handcrafted art, and plenty of imagination, came to life in the year 2000. At the 1,300 m² exhibition space and connected flower garden, there is wood carving from the Ahrntal and many other regions to admire. The rustic spaces convey plenty of atmosphere, as it once was when carving wood on long winter evenings. The Maranatha Museum not only offers historical folk art, but also carved devil and witch masks, a modern art studio, and special exhibitions.

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Taufers Castle

Above Sand in Taufers, at the entrance to the Ahrntal, a mighty building rises, which has already been the setting of many films (Just Married with Ashton Kutcher and Shiverstone Castle with Harald Schmidt): Taufers Castle was built in the 13th century and is visible from afar with its fortified walls and keep. Historical locations such as the armoury, the ghost room, the cardinals’ room, and other romantic areas, as well as the impressive knights’ hall, await you. Naturally, the castle dungeon and torture chamber are also not left out.

Reinbach Falls

Near Sand in Taufers runs the Reinbach Gorge, which has a fascinating natural spectacle to offer. On the barely 9 km-long Franziskusweg through the gorge, you reach three waterfalls in turn, the largest of which is 40 m high. The Reinbach Falls are particularly impressive in late spring and the first weeks of summer, since at that time, they are highly concentrated with the water from melting snow. An idyllic chapel and a well-deserved rest await you at your destination after all the breathtaking impressions. Take the same path on the way back.

Climate Tunnel

Many vacationers experience the alpine South Tyrol in a high-altitude euphoria. In Prettau, it goes in the opposite direction. Until the 20th century, the finest copper was mined in hard work full of privation at depths of 1,100 m. Today, the old tunnels are used for speleotherapy (cave therapy) to relieve chronic respiratory diseases. In the climate tunnel, the cool 8-10°C air is exceptionally pure, because allergens and suspended particles are bound to the rock walls due to the high humidity. When inhaled, this tunnel air is heated to body temperature and removes water from the mucous membranes, which can alleviate or even eliminate breathing problems without side effects. Guided tours of the mine are also regularly offered.

Autumn colours in the Ahrntal

When the alpine landscape is covered with colourful brushstrokes, autumn in the Ahrntal is here. Thanks to the clear visibility, nature lovers can enjoy a heavenly spectacle between meadows, forests, and mountains. For many, this is the most beautiful time for a hike in the fresh mountain air and the low-lying sun, in whose light the picturesque contrasts of the landscape best come into play. Simply follow the glacial stream above Enzianhof up to the mountain pastures, then all the way up to the peaks of the Zillertal Alps.

Folk Art Museum

History at your fingertips: In Dietenheim, near Bruneck, there is a spacious area where you can dive deep into history. Because the local folk art museum is not simply an exhibition building with showrooms, but a picturesque museum village with everything that belonged to a village in earlier times: farmhouses, workshops, gardens, a water mill, farm buildings, plenty of old agricultural equipment – and right in the middle, the Mair am Hof Residence from the Baroque period. All the buildings are originally preserved and paint a vivid picture of the life of South Tyrolean farmers.

Rein in Taufers Cattle Drive

Every two years (in even years) and always on the third weekend of October, the “Kiehkemma” (“the cows come”) – as the cattle drive is known by locals – takes place in Rein in Taufers. The traditional autumn festival marks the leading of the cattle from the alpine pastures back to the stables in the village. Naturally, all this is accompanied by a magnificent exhibition of the elaborately decorated cows. There are South Tyrolean delicacies, folk music, dancing, and plenty of opportunities to get to know our customs as very welcome spectators.

Mineral Museum

This geological exhibition in Mühlegg – between St. Johann and Steinhaus – with around 1,000 mineral exhibits from around 30 million years ago is one of the most important museums in the eastern Alps. If you ever wanted to know how the beautiful patch of land on which you take your hiking tours arose, you can find out here first-hand. At the 300 m2 exhibition space, many valuable pieces can be found, including the largest smoky quartz in South Tyrol and – from the nearby Prettau mine – the world’s most beautiful Gwindel quartz.

Tauferer Street Kitchen

Would you like to visit us in the summer? Make sure to keep Tuesday evenings in July and August free, when the food sizzles, simmers, and steams seductively under the open sky in Sand in Taufers. Delicacies from South Tyrolean cuisine are offered at booths in the middle of the street, so that you can enjoy one or more tasty dishes fresh from the pots and pans as you walk around. Beside the street kitchen, live bands play and serve up the most diverse sound styles and tastes to match the culinary offerings.

Christmas Market

Every year during Advent, the South Tyrolean Christmas markets cast their spell over us. Fragrant baked goods, mulled wine, and magical lights put young and old into the Christmas spirit. The traditional charm of the romantic old town of Bruneck offers the perfect backdrop for this; maybe you will even find a souvenir for your loved ones back home. You can get there from Enzianhof in just 25 minutes by car. After an exciting day on the ski slopes, a visit to one of our regional Christmas markets will bring you an atmospheric balance in the winter magic of South Tyrol.

Wellness area with a view of the castle

Tip: Sauna CASCADE

There, you will find six saunas and heat cabins, an outdoor sauna, a Kneipp basin, and harmoniously designed relaxation areas. As you relax, enjoy the mountain panorama with a view of Taufers Castle and the three-thousand-metre peaks of the Ahrntal that lie behind it. If you want to take a relaxing break during your holiday, the wellness and leisure pool is certainly the right place for you.

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