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Adventure and Pure Nature in the Ahrntal Valley
A South Tyrolean alpine farm is a little world of its own

Leisure at the Farm

All year long, during your holiday at our farm in South Tyrol, you will have experiences that will be wonderful memories. Whether right on the farm grounds, at our mill or at the natural playground – there is something to discover and experience everywhere. This is especially true for our small guests.

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Natural Playground & Farm Animals

Nature is still the most exciting playground. Here, children can still be children: running barefoot, playfully splashing in the water, breathing in the scent of freshly mown hay, feeding our farm animals, riding on a real raft, splashing in the mill brook, balancing on the slackline … and a thousand other things that are enormous fun and can’t be found in the big city.

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Fire Pit & Barbecue

Imagine how romantic it is to sit by the blazing fire on a mild summer night or a clear autumn or winter night while a myriad of stars sparkles above you. If you prick up your ears, besides the crackling of the fire, you will hear the rushing of the mountain stream, the clacking of the mill wheel, the rippling of the pond, and the chirping of the crickets in the background.

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Wildlife Enclosure with Fallow Deer

Experience the new deer enclosure at Enzianhof with our gentle and trusting fallow deer up close. Watch how the deer mothers carefully guard their calves, who explore their surroundings cautiously, yet curiously. An animal pleasure that you and your children will remember for a long time.

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