Family Highlights at the Farm
Carefree holiday pleasure at the farm in South Tyrol

Natural Playground & Farm Animals

Nature is still the most exciting playground. Here, children can still be children: running barefoot, playfully splashing in the water, breathing in the scent of freshly mown hay, feeding our farm animals, riding on a real raft, splashing in the mill brook, balancing on the slackline … and a thousand other things that are enormous fun and can’t be found in the big city.

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Children's Playground

Naturally, we also have classic play equipment like slides, swings, play towers, and sandboxes at Enzianhof. Everything that is part of a carefree holiday is ready, and your children can later proudly tell their classmates about it. With us, the motto is: Find out for yourself what you enjoy the most and try it out! Parents have everything in sight, and with it, the good feeling that everyone is really thought of – and therefore finally the desired freedom for themselves. On this page, you can get a first impression of how carefree and fulfilled children’s holidays at the farm can look.

Our Watermill

An over-300-year-old mill surrounded by picturesque ponds also belongs to Enzianhof. We have lovingly restored this historic structure so that you can listen to the steady clacking of the mill wheel today. The surrounding water and pond landscape is an invitation to linger. Here, you can act out your need to slow down. Make yourself comfortable on the benches in the barbecue area beside the mill or use the deck chairs. You can relax and unwind wonderfully there while watching your children frolic.

Enjoy a Kneipp Cure in the Mountain Spring Water

Between the mill and the playground, a large Kneipp basin can be found. Can you imagine a more suitable place than this idyllic spot with its babbling brook? Make the most of your experience with a Kneipp cure. We swear by it ourselves. The positive health effects of the power of water help – among other things – improve circulation in the feet and legs, especially if these are stimulated by various natural substrates such as mud, gravel, or meadow soil. Kneipp cures make you feel good and have a holistic therapeutic effect on the entire body.

May we introduce ourselves? Django, Pablo, and Rico!

Our Alpacas

At Enzianhof, you will also meet our animal housemates: the alpacasDjango, Pablo, and Rico – all charismatic fuzzy-heads whom your children will surely take into their hearts immediately. We are the first farm in the Tauferer Ahrntal where alpacas live. These “Andean camels” are beautiful to look at and radiate peace with their calm nature. Alpacas are very sensitive, which is why we also ask that you approach the animals calmly and give them the necessary free space. Listen carefully when the alpacas communicate with each other. Their funny humming automatically awakens a good mood.

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