Fire Pit & Barbecue

Socialize at the Stone-Age barbecue pleasure at the farm in South Tyrol

Imagine how romantic it is to sit by the blazing fire on a mild summer night or a clear autumn or winter night while a myriad of stars sparkles above you. If you prick up your ears, besides the crackling of the fire, you will hear the rushing of the mountain stream, the clacking of the mill wheel, the rippling of the pond, and the chirping of the crickets in the background.

Individual freedom

Farm holidays in the Ahrntal can be so relaxed and rustic!

Variety is simply part of a fulfilling holiday in the mountains of South Tyrol. Surely you see it the same way. Even in prehistoric times, our ancestors had already experienced socializing around the campfire. Here, fun and good spirits with family and friends come all by themselves. And another important thing: by the “Stone-Age” barbecue and fire pit, men can still be real guys and skillfully wield the grill tongs. Without any unnecessary frills, pure, uncomplicated… just go for it!

Deep relaxation

Everyday life fades away in the meditative flickering of the flames…

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